Spring 2021 Special


Price as shown: $1995



Includes: PC1010 Pole Connectors

Yak1020 STAR Galvanized Assist Bar

Yak GH1020STAR Galvanized Grab Handles Set of 2

Set of 2 48 Inch Dock Brackets Gal Fixed Dock


Set of 2 24 Inch Dock Brackets Gal Floating Dock

• YAKport personal launch provides a safe & stable cradle for boarding
• Accommodates most kayak & paddleboard sizes
• Attaches to any dock structure – floating or fixed docks
• Available in 5 different colours – Tan, Light Grey,
Dark Grey, Blue & Black
• UV Protected
• Environmentally Friendly
• Salt Water Safe
• Made in the USA

48″w x 60″l x 22″h outer
34″w x 17″h inside

99 lbs